Tumblr, I need your help.

I got a call this morning from my dad.  My aunt, his sister, is dying. They say she’s got about a day left. I don’t know why but my dad’s side of the family tends to not tell anyone until the last fucking minute so no one can make a big deal out of it and go visit or anything.

So I know I won’t be able to make it to see my aunt before she passes, and to be honest I’m not sure I want to visit her in the hospital. I’d rather my last memories of her be when I was up there last year and such.

But I would really like to make the funeral.

At this moment I don’t know when it is, I assume the earliest will be tuesday but I’m praying she lasts long enough for me to collect the funds to get up there. But it looks like a flight would cost about $500 I don’t have.

Gods, it’s such fucking short notice I know there’s probably not much anybody can do but, if you could donate even a couple dollars towards it I’d be super grateful.

I really want to fucking get there. She’s definitely my favorite aunt so I’ll miss her hardcore… 

If I don’t collect enough to get my ass there and back I’ll probably send the funds to my grandmother to help pay for funeral costs and at the very least send a plant or flowers. That side of the family is very big on that so… 

Any help would be great you guys. If you can’t I understand, but even two or three dollars would help. 

Here’s the donate link to paypal.

Thanks for your time and everything guys. I really appreciate you all. 

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